Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

ProClean Of Southern Maryland VanAt ProClean of Southern Maryland, we understand businesses require a clean carpet but also want them to last for as long as possible. ProClean offers long term commercial carpet cleaning solutions to protect your investment and keep the rugs and carpets in your office looking like new.

Carpets laid down in commercial spaces require extra care and cleaning because heavy traffic leaves them dirty in a short span of time.  Cleaning carpets on a regular basis helps prolong their life and get you the best out of your investment.

Carpet Deodorizing and Protection

Our highly trained and efficient carpet cleaners use commercial strength deodorizers to eliminate foul smells. Our specially formulated deodorizers offer instant relief from bad odor and give a clean looking and great smelling carpet!

We also apply a commercial strength carpet protector that helps the carpets in your office resist dirt and protect it from daily wear and tear. The protector and deodorizer used by us are safe for people, environment and pets.

Call ProClean of Southern Maryland, the leading commercial carpet cleaning company, for all your carpet cleaning requirements. If you have any questions about our services, contact us or call us at 410-257-3510.